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Book CoverBusinesses often are started by entrepreneurs with an idea, a product or service, or an expertise. Many of them fail, not because the idea or product isn’t good, but because their attention is overwhelmingly directed internally – e.g., what goes into the product – when they should focus externally, always reminding themselves:

“It’s The Customer, Stupid!”

That’s the premise of Ralph Crosby’s new book, “It’s The Customer, Stupid! Lessons Learned in a Lifetime of Marketing.”

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Remember Thematic Consistency

One of the touchtone marketing axioms I learned years ago — thematic consistency is the key to remembrance — has taken on new meaning in this digital age.

I first learned this axiom from Professor Jarol Manheim’s book, “The Politics Within.”  He wrote:

“One way to increase the probability (of positive remembrance) that this unconsciously received information will have some impact is to give it thematic consistency.  That is, even though such messages may travel at different times over different media, they should possess a certain identifiable similarity with respect to both their substantive content and their format.  They should, in short, have a common theme… and this theme should always be present, no matter what else is in a particular message, to serve as a link calling to mind all of the earlier, related messages”

Thematic consistency, then, became integral to one of my agency’s best practices, integrated marketing communications, where all communications work together as a unified force rather than allowing separate techniques to work in isolation.  Thematic consistency among these techniques — be they advertising, PR, direct mail, or electronic — leads to better recall of the product, service or organization being marketed.

Today, thematic consistency is popping up throughout the digital marketing world.  For example, when one online expert talks about YouTube as a great platform for creating and promoting video content, he suggests a rule: “ensure thematic consistency in your videos.” 

My point is that no matter your means of communication, be it through traditional media or the new media, be it bought, earned or owned media, keep the simple axiom in mind:

“Thematic consistency is the key to remembrance.”

And if I repeat it enough times, you’re sure to remember it.


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