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Book CoverBusinesses often are started by entrepreneurs with an idea, a product or service, or an expertise. Many of them fail, not because the idea or product isn’t good, but because their attention is overwhelmingly directed internally – e.g., what goes into the product – when they should focus externally, always reminding themselves:

“It’s The Customer, Stupid!”

That’s the premise of Ralph Crosby’s new book, “It’s The Customer, Stupid! Lessons Learned in a Lifetime of Marketing.”

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Taming The Social Media Monster

If you want to tame the social media monster, take some lessons from a new book by my friend Suzi Pomerantz, CEO of Innovative Leadership International.

Suzi, with whom I’ve worked on some projects for mutual client DuPont Legal, has authored an e-book designed to answer the question of how to tap into the huge market social media reaches.  Her book, co-authored with Misti Burmeister, founder of Inspirion, is titled “Taming The Social Media Monster.  Solutions To The Five Biggest Mistakes Companies Make.”  The book can be purchased to download at www.suzipomerantz.com.

The authors point out the value of an effective social media strategy.  It helps you:

  • Promote your brand
  • Get qualified feedback
  • Improve search engine optimization
  • Recruit new talent
  • Engage with customers
  • Obtain valuable market research for free by listening to what customers are saying in social media outlets.

The information about the social media value of market research, customer engagement, getting feedback and promoting your brand mirrors the chapter in my book, “It’s The Customer, Stupid!,” that discusses how customer engagement differs in the digital age.

Likewise, Suzi Pomerantz’s book explains how social media engagement with customers, employees, vendors and others is key to marketing success in the Internet age.  She writes:

“Social media has become a new venue for marketing, but more than the opportunity to be ‘on message’ and broadcast billboards to more arenas, social media allows for a full communication loop with various audiences simultaneously for the first time.  You can now engage with your markets, have conversations, and receive instantaneous feedback in response to your marketing initiatives.  Consumers now expect to share their opinion, whether you ask for it or not.  Search each social media platform for mentions of your brands, products, or company name and see what’s already being said!”

The book explains five action steps to tame what the authors affectionately call “The Social Media Monster:”

Action Step One:  Embrace Change

Social media also provides up-to-date information on your industry.  Are you capitalizing on the opportunity to learn and stay ahead of the curve?  Are you missing out on valuable, and potentially free, media exposure?  Explore how social media might benefit your organization in handling a crisis, contribute to marketing, or expediting broad-reach communication needs.  Leverage relationships on social media to find new vendors, suppliers, and talent.  Create advocates, agents, and raving fans for your company, product, or service.  Gather business intelligence on competitors and set the stage for strategic alliances.

 Action Step Two:  Join The Conversation Change

Learn what customers expect and what they are already saying about your company.  Engage them in dialogue and respond to their feedback.

 Action Step Three:  Be Authentic

Allow your employees to be themselves as the “friendly face of your company.”  Be transparent and build the company brand.

 Action Step Four:  Create a Policy and a Plan for Social Media

Don’t ban the social media monster.  Learn to channel its power.

 Action Step Five:  Educate Your Employees on the Consequences and Power of the Social Media

Teach them that their contributions matter to the bottom line.

I agree with the authors that social media is a fast-growing colossus that will change the marketing landscape forever.  Their e-book is worth a read if you want to tame the monster.


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