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Book CoverBusinesses often are started by entrepreneurs with an idea, a product or service, or an expertise. Many of them fail, not because the idea or product isn’t good, but because their attention is overwhelmingly directed internally – e.g., what goes into the product – when they should focus externally, always reminding themselves:

“It’s The Customer, Stupid!”

That’s the premise of Ralph Crosby’s new book, “It’s The Customer, Stupid! Lessons Learned in a Lifetime of Marketing.”

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Elisha Sauers Book Review

In his new book, “It’s the Customer, Stupid!” Ralph Crosby, founder of Crosby Marketing Communications located in Annapolis, discusses how the Internet and social media are changing the game. One thing, he says, will remain a constant: Keeping the focus on the customer rather than the product, service or organization.

In “It’s the Customer, Stupid!” Crosby reinforces what he calls an old idea — customer-centric marketing — and explains why focusing on the consumer is even more pertinent now than it was decades ago. “It’s the customer who drives the purchasing decision, particularly now in the computer age, when a customer can go online and find out anything about products or services or organizations by simply clicking the mouse,” he said.

Elisha Sauers
The Capital Newspaper

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